Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First Sober Thanksgiving

Am at the Center Garden where I paused to write this blog post after a long walk on a very mild Thanksgiving evening... Had a very lazy afternoon. And that's perfectly fine... Determined to get a better grasp on the "day at a time" concept: I didn't make any advance plans for today and decided to just let the day flow on its own. I napped much of the afternoon... Then coincidentally wound up chairing the Thanksgiving AA Meeting at my home group, which was small but powerful. One guy shared that he had just put his dog to sleep and was able to express cogent gratitude. Another guy I've seen around the room many times was back with one day sober after a relapse. All amazing stuff... Have set out to make this Thanksgiving unique. So far so good. I ate at the Amish Market for the first time. A perfect and simple Thanksgiving feast... And have just walked to Chelsea down the lights of Broadway and through Herald Square... Called my parents and brother as I strolled and am thankful that all are healthy... I'll attend my first Big Meeting (as part of the opening festivities of the Big Apple Roundup)... Will get their workshop schedule, and other details abut the rest of the weekend's activities. All new to me... I walked past a LOT of open bars as I walked here and had no desire to belly up and have a beer... It's too great of a Thanksgiving Day not to be sober.


dAAve said...

Well, now it's Monday after Thanksgiving. I hope the Roundup was successful.
Sober holidays are a new experience for many of us and they are pretty neat to experience.

Scott W said...

Good stuff, Todd. Life sure is different isn't it?

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