Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 42 Meeting

Today's morning meeting featured a speaker visiting from California with 40+ years of sobriety. He was a first time winner, that means he never had a slip... He knew when he became involved with the program that all he had to do was "don't drink and go to meetings"... And before he knew it, it's been 40+ years and he doesn't know where the time went. He's had four marriages, and lost a son to AIDS... So things have still happened to him in his sobriety but he was able to cope with all the good AND the bad much better being sober... During my share, I told him he has as many years and as I have days and that I appreciated his qualification as it shows hope of a good long recovery without a relapse... "I realized I could decide that I've hurt myself enough" is how another participant put it. Today is day 42.

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Scott W said...

It's interesting how AA differs in format from area to area. There isn't any qualifying talk around here.

We had a new man today, it would be so great if he stays.

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