Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 43 Meeting

Started the day with a meeting at AlAnon House. Even though it's called AlAnon House, the meetings are AA. I don't know if they even have an Al Anon meeting at AlAnon House... What's up with that??... The meeting speaker set the topic as "putting AA first"... As one man put it... "It's either AA or Amen" for him! I shared about how I would collect little negative things throughout the day to add to my binge file for fueling a binge... And today, by going to meetings, I can focus on better stuff and not drink. I did two meetings yesterday... And am leaving shortly for a second meeting today... A luxury I have right now, during vacation, is all these meetings within a stones throw of home and I'm enjoying taking advantage of them... Today is day 43.

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Scott W said...

Congrats on 43 days. Before you know it a year will be upon you and you will be amazed!

AA or Amen. I like that!

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