Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eighth Meeting

Started early with a 10.30AM meeting at the Al-Anon House... Not sure about the baseball bat hanging overhead that sez it was given to them by Bill W in the 1940's... WTF? ... A mouse ran through the meeting. The lady who was sharing at the time shreiked... A guy pointed out later... No one left... "Drunks are tough" ... He got applause... This was an anniversary meeting with a speaker with six years of sobriety... She was in show business and identified as someone that never missed rehearsals and go a few days w/o drinking... I could relate... She sez it took her a while but she completely gets the expression; "Wishing you a slow recovery." ...Well, I don't. I want it now!... I shared that and that I identified with her "high functioning" and that she was also in show business.... I wondered aloud if my career change wasn't a form of geographic... Up and going without exploring why??... I guess I'll get that answer and more as they unfold... Slowly... A slow recovery: that's the take-away for today.

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