Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fourth Meeting

Fabulous meeting... fast moving. Several people celebrating anniversaries from 90 days to 6 years, I think... I recognized one person from television... Shhh. Anonymity is a cornerstone, and etc... Got up and got a 24 hour chip at the chip break! And got a hug from the chip guy (who at first told me he didn't have it)... Funnily, I was mentioning that interesting AA booklet yesterday, and today, they gave it to me here as part of the Beginner's packet... I lied this group and will make a point to visit ... Could become a home group. Not gay per se, but certainly lots of gay folks abound... Need to get there early to get a better seat... Take away: Someone has aging parents that "could very well be dying". "It will be much worse if I drink"... reminds me how many times I bury feelings by heading to the bar to erase everything... Parents...Kids at work, authority figure confrontations, inequity, racism, prejudice... Etc... My first time in that Church building that I always was fascinated with... Not sure I like sitting in this regal church meeting room, but ok...

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