Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seventh Meeting

I went straight from today's meeting at the clubhouse to the former address of a divey little gay bar where I'd hang w/ Tony the Bartender on Saturdays about this time of day. It's now been turned into a sober Dunkin Donuts, LOL... So, I sat in the window and had a large iced decaff... Went to the 1.30 beginners meeting at the Clubhouse.... I volunteered to read the pre-amble (or whatever it's called) (My first AA service? LOL). Shared my day count (10) and then the host told me "day counters share first"... So I was off and running in a share... It's easier sharing in small meetings like this and I like these rows of chairs... as there isn't a large circle of people staring you down... Talked of my non-drunk friends trying to talk me out of this (you aren't an alcoholic... you aren't a drunk)... (Forgot about the one that hit me and said you just wanna lose weight!) I haven't even started telling my drinking buddies yet... Also, shared how alcohol didn't really start being a problem til I started using binges to escape my fast racing mind in grad school and a career change around ten yrs ago at age 40. And how I can go to a couple local bars and be greeted with arms punching air and loud laughter, and hugs... One older guy with 30+ years gave me his phone number scribbled on a slip of paper. (That's the first time that happened)... He shared of his major "character defect" being sex (his "character defect sponsor", LOL, pointed it out to him). He said he would take his Higher Power along and say "sit over here and wait for me, and I'll pick you up again after I get busy with this business over here". LOL He said it took him a loooong period time to deal w/ that character defecty.... A young guy who is a multiple user (drink and drugs) pointed out we, as addicts, are very attached to our secrets... That's the take-away: "We are as sick as our secrets" or "we are attached to our secrets"... Watchword: Secrets. (Yikes!).

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