Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Meeting

I went to a high noon Sunday morning.... Very large... Saw old friends Ross on the way in (I spoke) and Brian K (!) on the way out (I didn't speak). Take away: "I'm ALWAYS walking away from or toward a drink." 62 year old speaker w/ 26 yrs of sobriety. Lots of 1980's bar and social club love shared here (They have no idea!). Speaker said he was always putting himself in a triangular pattern to the bar w/ bar as a triangle corner and was anti-social. As for me, I was usually a social star... (Stud, Mineshaft, Phoenix, Beast Hole, and Cleos)... The latter was where Donner called me "Mayor of the bar" and Lil' John always declared: "Everybody loves him"... Blogging this now on my 1st ever sober walk uptown from an AA mtg. I spoke enough to "check in" saying it was my 1st time here.... Realized after that wasn't clear it was my very 1st mtg ever... That's fine.... I didn't count day 4... And never said the shorthand "Todd/ Alcoholic".... But there may be time for that!... Did discreetly tear up a coupla times during everyone else's day counts especially...On way home... I always brag that I never had to buy more than one drink. Fact is, I tipped $20-30. The same bartender that was so drunk that today, I folded the donation in the same football shape that I'd use to tip the Bartender. (Message composed on my mobile device).

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