Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 30

Clubhouse at 4... Shared my isolation and how it's a bit incongruous with my gregarious nature, and career and bar personality... And my ability to talk to others about "them", and not about myself... I'm quite crafty at swaying conversations!... I've not made a single program call though I have a few numbers, and I have no sponsor... Essentially, I'm in awe of people that can "ask for help"... I shared that I figure these issues will somehow be a goal for my next thirty days in sobriety...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that was great, I Identify so much. I am also a big isolationists, who has taught the world (fooled) that I am way too busy to be anywhere, even on my work conventions I isolate like crazy. R says he sees such a difference when I go to a meeting, he says I just seem happy. I am. Getting there is hard so many times.

You seem to have a very mixed bunch, in Rockaway we have your typical Irish-Amer alcoholics, and a few Italian, but your civil service types. Not creative, not that I am either, but I mean it is just what I grew up with, maybe that is what I need.

I loved the prisoner blog, BEEN THERE DONE THAT, so I laughed and yet sighed, I knew where you were coming from 100%.

so did that guy become your sponsor or not? I was not clear.

either way

everyone is afraid of the telephone for a while, I was, but it works.

either way I am proud of you, thirty is great.


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