Monday, June 8, 2009

Seventeenth Meeting, Nineteenth Day

Went to the Clubhouse for the 4. Got held up on the walk home with two beloved colleagues that wanted to walk and talk with me, and they walk at a slower pace than I do (Most people do!)... Rather than rigidly insist I had to run ahead, I took the leisurely pace to be with them... And although I was wiorried about him, the doggy WAS able to wait til I got home after 5pm (after the meeting's end) for his walk... Such a perfect and patient doggy!... Shared my day count at the meeting. Realized that the annual food festival right out the front door of the meeting place was often a catalyst for me to grab food samples to take back to the saloon to wash down with tequila while sharing food with the bartender and others... Didn't do that today... In fact, I was so concerned about the extra long day for the doggy that I came straight home and avoided the whole anxiety ridden process of buying food tickets and then figuring the exact count of tickets for the exact foods that I wanted, waiting in line at each booth, and either woofing it down while standing or walking... So I chose the more serene meal plan of coming home to microwave some leftover Indian food and steam some veggies I got at the Greenmarket last weekend... Someone at today's meeting shared that he always thought that the H-A-L-T warning (Hungry, Angry, Lonely , Tired) should be HAALT and include "Anxiety"! OMG... I could relate to that! I hate anxiety and always looked for a way to relieve it... Usually with alcohol... I Like HAALT as my personal warning... That's the take-away for today!

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