Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 32

This morning's speaker was right up my alley. Like me, he has friends and relatives that try to tell him he doesn't need meetings. And he's got ten years of sobriety now... And his bottom wasn't the real hard core nasty kind either, like I was hearing yesterday... He talked a lot about lying... And how he would lie to doctors about medical stuff related to his drinking... And it set me on a later share in the round robin about my own lying... or stretching the truth... about drinking. When a doctor at a clinic filling out a diagnostic form asked if I had more than two drinks a day, I said no... Because 15 drinks in one sitting on binge night averaged out over a week would be a legal limit, and I certainkly wasn't gonna bring up binge night(s)... Also when I went to a hospital for an esophogeal condition a year ago...They asked if I'd been drinking, I said no cuz it had been 48 hours since a binge... Knowing full well that the alcohol abuse is what probably caused the problem.... I also shared that I don't need to go back out to top my own bottom with an even deeper one... Shared the day count of 32 days at the seventh tradition break... Ran into one of the regulars (from another meeting location) at today's meeting. He called my name at the end, and then tossed me a 30 day chip. It's well worn. I think it was his. I was moved... He mentioned he has a 60 also if I need it, eventually... Sweet deal... After getting home, Walking the dog, I ran into a lesbian neighbor that I know is in the program and told her I was now in her program... We had a nice chat about it. She has several years of sobriety. I want to ask her next time if she ever noticed I was drunk a few times I was walking the dog and chatting with her out front. Knowing she was in AA, I remember working hard to not let her know... She probably did... She told me the secret to her foundation of sobriety longevity is continually going to meetings.

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