Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 37

Got to the Clubhouse for the 4pm... They are still reading the Personal Stories in the back of the book every day. I'm glad they are because my attention span wouldn't allow me to sidt through those... I'm sure I'd skim them over...This story seemed to be mostly about Powerlessness... Step One... I was the last person to be called on and I shared that today I feel like I'm sliding into home base after nine months of running the bases since, as a teacher, the cherished 10 week summer vacation starts immediately... This will be my first sober summer (if I let it)... And usually on this night every year I'm at the local Happy Hour bar seeing all the friends that I alerted that I would be out tonight to launch my first big binge to launch a partying summer... Instead, I'm at this AA meeting, and commiting that if I feel like drinking later, I'll go to another AA meeting later on in the evening... (Reminds me , I need to get a hold of the new meeting schedule so I can be aware of meetings at other times of day instead of just the 4pm, in case I need them. Few meetings seem to offer literature. Maybe the Big Meeting on Sunday at the Hilton will be well stocked by Intergroup?)... I'm also taking advantage of the suggestion to *NOT* get involved in a romantic relationship in early sobriety... As that is usually a (failed) goal every summer... And that I'm looking forward to a summer of going to meetings, spiritual and recovery reading, and starting to do some work on the steps with my sponsor... And we're off....

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