Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 38 Meeting

Got to a Morning Meeting... on 42nd Street. A woman chaired that I had heard qualify my first time here. She read a story about a woman with liver disease that started with her reflecting on how she enjoys Sundays so much better today than she did before recovery. This launched me on a share of how I prefer this particular Saturday morning to the ones of the last eight years when I launched my summer vacations with a super binge and would have still been struggling with a severe hangover by the time of this meeting. Already, had breakfast, read the Times, got a haircut, shopped at the Green Grocer, walked the doggy, and sunned and walked along the Hudson River enjoying my hobby of photography... and it was barely 10:30am... I also related my plans to get to meetings, and begin to work the program during my first Summer in recovery. I topped off the meeting with a nice lunch at BBQ... It was a meeting of gratitude, so no need to do a gratitude list today. And when I got home, I was actually energized to tackle a slew of chores...


Scott W said...

I have just read through all your sober days. Y'all do it a little bit differently up there, but sobriety is sobriety. You got it goin' on, just keep on coming back!

You are going to find what you need in the rooms. It's a grand adventure and the truth is--don't even guess what it's gonna be like, because you will undersell yourself. Just hang on, it's the ride of your life!

dAAve said...

Yeah, Todd, everything Scott said.
Isn't it amazing how choosing NOT to drink opens up so many freedoms. You're no longer in that self-imposed prison.
I'm proud of you.

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