Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 36

Today's meeting was a powerful Anniversary meeting where sober people with 90 days to 10+ years.... What jumped out at me was when the man with the most Senior sobriety talked about when you're sober life is still difficult. He views life as solving a series of problems, and when he gets into the "what if's" and "missed opportunities" he realizes his problems today aren't really so bad and that realization gives him the strength to go on. He maintains that in the morning he meditates every day and makes a list of what he wants to do during his day. When he sees something that keeps recurring on the list, he confronts it and does it and invariable realizes it wasn't "that bad"... One young lady (with two years), urges "stick with the winners" and when you hear someone start ranting that the two year mark is extra challenging, "don't even listen cuz they aren't working the steps!" I LOL at that one! ... And the young lady with 90 days acknowledged how hard it is to speak up there in the front of the room for the first time. And as for simple pleasures she's observed in her 90 days: she noted she has always enjoyed sewing, and that in her sobriety, she goes home and sews more... One sober member in the audience added, "When people see she isn't drinking alcohol, and they ask her if she drinks, she always says yes... 'of course I drink! I drink water!" LOL... Anyway, the whole thing was wonderful and I was teary at several points. In fact, I couldn't even raise my hand to share at the end cuz I was quite sure I'd have been all blubbery.... In the words of Seinfeld: "Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

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